Studying Japanese in Warsaw!

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Studying Japanese in Warsaw!

Postautor: raph-222 » 29 marca 2014, 11:31 - sob

Hi Everyone!

My name is Raphaël, I'm from France and I live in Warsaw now. I would like to meet anyone who is interested to study Japanese in order to make a Japanese study group here in Warsaw.

As I don't know a lot of People here, and more over as it is difficult to meet native Japanese speakers, I got this idea to create a Japanese study group. I think it will be very great to study together!!!
The most difficult for learning a language is to keep the motivation, and it's rather difficult when you are alone. But if you have mates who have the same purpose than you it's easier to keep it. :-)

Let me know what you think about it?

Raphaël :-)

PS: Of course, if I can meet a japanese speaker, I can offer my French. :-)
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Re: Studying Japanese in Warsaw!

Postautor: WhisperStorm » 03 marca 2016, 19:33 - czw

Hey. I will be in warsaw soon. Do you still looking for ppl who is interested in Japanese Language?
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